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Dr. Lawrence Kaasa; contract surgeon, May 23, 1943 to Sept. 9, 1943

Dr. Frank Bilger; contract surgeon, Aug. 27, 1943 to

Capt. Benjamin E. McBrayer; Post Surgeon, Sept. 8, 1943 to

Captain A. J. Entringer, his wife and family arrived Tuesday to take up their residence at Igloo. Capt Entringer is the new Commanding Officer of the Station Hospital. The Edgemont Tribune; Dec. 13, 1944.

Lt. Col. Samuel T. Helms is the new CO of the Station Hospital; The Edgemont Tribune; March 21, 1945.

Capt. Benjamin B. LeVine of the Medical Administrative Corps has arrived in Igloo, taken up quarters in the BOQ and assumed his duties in the Station Hospital. The Edgemont Tribune; April 4, 1945.

Capt. Sterner; April 30, 1947, leaves BHOD to return to medical school

1st Lt. William D. Kelly; arrives Aug. 20, 1947 - leaves Oct. 1, 1947

1st Lt. Andreen Midthune; arrives Oct. 1, 1947

1st Lt. Gus C. Torkildson; arrives Nov. 12, 1947

Capt. Robert J. Greaves; medical officer at BHOD leaves, Dec. 31, 1947

Dr. Paul Martin; father-in-law of Greaves, lived at Igloo. (may not have been working as medical doctor)

Lt. Richard Gladman; first mentioned, Nov. 19, 1947

Capt. Richard J. Gladman; Post Surgeon, left May 1949, had been at BHOD for 1 1/2 years.

Dr. Smith & Capt. Bates; 1952

Capt. Julius Brant; arrives Jan. 10, 1952

Dr. Richard M. Lott joins staff; The Walrus, Vol. 1, No. 27, July 11, 1952

Capt. John A. Davis returns to private practice in CA. Jan. 30, 1953.

Capt. Stacey at BHOD Jan, 1953.

1st. Lt. Francis Strehl; May 22, 1953; new CO and post surgeon at BHOD hospital. (photo and article)

Capt. Charles W.Smith reported for duty at BHOD June 26, 1953.

Major Leon Gordon, CO of hospital, 1953 - 1955

Major Donald E. Dille, 1955 - 1957

Capt. William Nolen, 1955 -1957

Capt. Fleisher, 1957 - 1959

Capt. Schwisow, 1957


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