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The BHODian

BHODian page 5 April 1945

The Ordnance Department took over on April 6, 1942, with Major Curtis as the first Ordnance Officer and the first Commanding Officer.

The first headquarters for the Ordnance and Post Engineers was in Barracks No. 110. Some of the first Ordnance Employees were Lee Johnsonbaugh, William Freund, Fred Schmitt, Tom Cubins, Fred Wheeler and Walt Herbert.

BHODian page 42 April 1945

Lee E. Johnsonbaugh, Civilian Chief of Personnel, was the first person hired for the Ordnance Department at the Depot and holds Badge No. 2, Badge No. 1 having been given as a courtesy gesture to Major Curtis, our first Commanding Officer.

Lee Johnsonbaugh
Fred Schmitt

Fred W. Schmitt, Administrative Assistant, Packing and Shipping Section, is the oldest employee in point of service, having come to the depot February 18, 1942, before construction was even started on the project. His wide experience and industry have been of great value to the depot's progress.

Edward "Ed" Hurley of the Surveillance Branch is the oldest in point of service with the Ordnance Department, having started in 1921. Mr. Hurley transferred to this station August 5, 1942.

Ed Hurley

Storage Division
Surveillance Branch
Chemical Branch
Stock Control


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