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The Igloo Magazine

Igloo Magazine

Vol. 4 No. 21 page 1 June 2, 1944


In this issue is the opening gun of the Fifth War Loan Drive. The campaign will run for two months, and there is little reason to doubt that the Depot will uphold its reputation for going over the top. The progress of the campaign will be noted from time to time in these columns.

Igloo Magazine

Vol. 4 No. 21 page 5 June 2, 1944

Fifth War Loan Drive

The Fifth War Loan Drive will start officially at this Depot on June 1, 1944, and end on July 31st. Following is a list of the Supervisors and Minute Men of the various divisions who will conduct this 5th War Loan campaign:

Administrative: Supervisor, W. O. Freund; Minute Men, Communications Branch (including Fiscal Division and Control Branch), Blossom Mason; Fire Prevention Branch, Loren J. Bingham; Security Branch, Joseph Marsh, Sidney Manery; Depot Property and Procurement Branches, Royal L. Kozel; Service Branch, Gordon Campbell, Bessie Lee.

Personnel: Supervisor, Jack Lanter; Minute Men, Military and Civilian Personnel Branches, Joy Eberly; Medical Branch.

Transportation: Supervisor, Merritt Howe.

Stock Control: Supervisor, Louise Smith.

Storage: Supervisor, Austin Chandler; Minute Men, Receiving Branch, Maryann Tucker; Labor and Equipment Branch, Minute Men, Hubert Prim, Charles Kelly, Milo Olson, Stanley Barnett, Phillip Hatfield, Lewis Young, Joseph Giligan; Storekeeping Branch, Francis Wilson; Cycle Inventory and Packing and Shipping Branch, Herman Metz and Edmund Wolters.

Maintenance: Supervisor, Russell, Leo Scheidel and Edward Baumann.

Utilities: Supervisor, I. C. Larson; Minute Men, Management Branch, Rudolph Musekamp, Vernard Mills, Benjamin Geary; Maintenance and Repair Branch, Francis George, Fred Schmidt, Edward Hoel.

Surveillance Branch: Minute Man, D. A. Scott.

The Chairman of the 5th War Bond Drive is Capt. David A. Robinson, War Bond Officer, and the Vice Chairman is Lt. Wayne R. Johnson, Chief of the Service Branch of the Administrative Division.

The quota of bonds for all personnel this Depot is three $25.00 bonds in addition to their present payroll deduction. All employees who are able to purchase more than three bonds are urged to do so to offset those who may not be able to purchase three.

Contact your Minute Men and supervisors and buy those bonds today.

The Depot has an eviable record of never having failed to go over the top in a drive of this sort. There is no reason to fear that it will fail this time. It will not if everyone does his or her share.

The Walrus

The Walrus

Vol. 1 No. 1 page 1 Dec. 7, 1951

Bond Drive Results

Standing of various groups at the close of drive on 22 November for "Pay Roll Bond Deduction" participation is listed below.

The Railroad Section Crew, (a part of the R & U Division) was the first group on the Depot to reach 100%.

% at start Group % at finish

--- R. R. Section Crew 100%
60% Adjutants Office 100%
40% Management 100%
33% Safety 100%
37% Fiscal 100%
37% Fire Department 100%
50% Maintenance Div. 100%
38% Hospital 91%
33% Depot Property 86%
8% Transportation 69%
67% Salvage 67%
26% Surveillance 63%
58% Civilian Personnel 62%
23% R. & U. Division 62%
11% Stock Control 60%
20% Communications 60%
28% Police Dept. 60%
17% Officers 50%
19% Storage Division 43%
--- General Supply 57%
20% Procurement 40%

Women added since start of drive - 150.

The Temporary Women employees who have been changed over to indefinite since the start of the drive are not in above report.

However this group is participating approximately 33 1/3% and the authorizations are coming in daily.

TOTAL PERSONNEL PARTICIPATING AT FINISH OF DRIVE ....................................................... 592

TOTAL PERSONNEL PARTICIPATING AT START OF DRIVE ....................................................... 269

NET INCREASE .................................................................................................................. 323

Several people are buying bonds direct from their banks, but wer are not allowed credit for this group, this drive being payroll deduction only.

It is desired to thank each and every one of you who have made it possible for BHOD to have this grand showing.

You supervisors have done a fine job in carrying throuh on the soliciting job. We know it took a lot of work.

Also we want to recognize the Payroll Section, for the increase has added considerably to their regular work, especially at this time with new Leave and Pay Schedules crowding them.

- The Committee

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